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Objective of the conference

East Asia has obviously become a focal point of international politics as well as one of the major engines of the world economy. In cultural terms the East Asian region is experiencing its own renaissance. Due to the geographically and culturally central position of Korea and the two different systems that have been established on the peninsula, looking at Korea is among the best ways to understand the East Asian region and its economic, political and social developments.

The conference series „Korea and East Asia" aims to use those synergies to put these developments into a regional and global context. Questions of economic and security cooperation in East Asia will be analyzed, discussed and later on be made available to a wider audience through an edited volume. The conference „Korea and East Asia in a Changing Regional and Global Environment" is co-hosted by the Chair of East Asian Economy and Society of the University of Vienna, the Graduate School of International Studies of Korea University, and the Korea Institute for International Economic Policy (KIEP).


Co-hosting Institutions

„Chair of East Asian Economy and Society
Department of East Asian Studies
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