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EcoS Guidelines - How to Format Your MA Thesis

Formatting Guidelines of the University of Vienna

  • bilingual Template Cover Page (Deckblatt Masterarbeit)
  • Abstract (Academic Summary) of your MA thesis in appendix
  • Academic Curriculum Vitae (CV)
    Attention: Since 23.02.2016 you do not have to include a CV in your thesis! If you choose to add your CV, you have to add it after the cover page.

Please refer to recent MA theses for examples. (Caution: Faculty standards, ie. cover page and CV, have changed recently and might do so again. When in doubt please refer to the homepage of the SSC.)


  • You are free to choose the academic citation style of your preference. In any case, it has to be used consistently throughout the whole document.
  • Examples: APA Style, MLA Style, Chicago Manual of Style, Harvard referencing etc.


  • Between "Single" and "1.5"


  • A font with serifs is preferred. Typically, students use Times New Roman 12 or Arial 11.


  • Needs to be continuous
  • Alphabetically ordered by last name of author
  • References should not be grouped by languages (e.g. English/German/Chinese)


  • Minimum 35.000 words of text (excluding bibliography, title, …)

When in doubt, please refer to the homepage of the SSC [in German]. Should you have any further questions regarding the format of your MA thesis, also take a look at recent EcoS MA theses, or write an email to your advisor, the student representatives or the student assistant at the Chair of East Asian Economy and Society.


How to Find Previous MA Theses?

To find previous MA theses written at our Chair, please look at the Graduates Section of our website, copy the title of the thesis you want to have a closer look at, and go to http://othes.univie.ac.at/view/fakultaet/A45.html. Use the "Find"-function of your browser and paste the title of the thesis you want to read. Next, click on the title of the thesis (in red) to access the document.

Please note: Although most MA theses are available online, please understand that the most recent works may not have been uploaded yet, and that some students simply prefer not to make their theses available right away. For this reason, you might find the note "Keine Volltext-Freigabe durch VerfasserIn" beneath some of the theses.


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