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Info-Letter for New EcoS Students 2016/17


Dear new EcoS student,

the team of EcoS is delighted and proud to announce that you were admitted to the MA study program East Asian Economy and Society. You were selected from more than 100 applications from Africa, East and Central Asia, Europe, Middle East, North and South America for the academic year 2016/17. Congratulations!

Please note: Those students who still need to provide their BA certificates will NOT receive a positive notice until submission of all pending documents (which is possible until September 30, 2016). With your official notice, you will have to register for our study program either in winter term 2016 or in summer term 2017. You need to register for EcoS at the university’s admission office before you start your studies, i.e. before you can enroll in classes, set up an account to access the online portal u:space etc.

For the upcoming term, many EcoS classes will start from 03.10.2016, others in the second week. Please make sure to finalize the entire registration and enrolment process before the start of the respective semester. An overview of the EcoS course offers is already available online at the EcoS Course Directory in u:find. You can register only from 15.09.2016, 10:00am to 29.09.2016, 10:00am. Additional information on course registration is available at the Course Directory page under For Students on this homepage.

Of course, you will not be left alone during this exciting new period: The elected student representatives (Anna Holzmann, Daniel Yasin and Hanna Sand) are happy to help you whenever you have questions on registration, classes or anything else concerning your studies. Feel free to contact them via email!

Before consulting our student representatives, however, you might also want to check out our online sources. The EcoS website as well as our EcoS Facebook Page are updated on a regular basis and contain loads of helpful information. Students also frequently communicate via the EcoS Students Facebook Group, for example to share experiences and recommendations, and to announce upcoming events, such as the regular EcoS Round Tables.

Finally, EcoS will hold an official orientation meeting for all new students starting in winter term 2016 on Monday, October 3, 3:30 pm in seminar room Ostasienwissenschaften (OAW)/Department of East Asian Studies. This meeting is an indispensable part of your first steps into your student life here at EcoS, as it gives you the opportunity to meet with future colleagues, your student representatives, lecturers and other EcoS staff.

We are very much looking forward to meeting you in Vienna.

Best regards,

Your EcoS-team

PS: In the case that you need to waive your positive notice, we kindly ask you to communicate your decision to ecos[at]univie.ac.at as soon as possible! Please let us also know, if you want to commence your studies in summer term 2017 rather than winter 2016.


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