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Korea Yearbook Graduate Student Prize

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US$ 750

The editors of the Korea Yearbook are pleased to announce the first prize for contributions by graduate students. The papers should conform to the standards of the book as laid out in the Call for Papers and the author's instructions. The winner will be selected by the editors. Those willing to participate in the competition should state this explicitly and provide proof of their status as graduate students.

The deadline for abstract submission for the 2009 volume (No.3) is 31 October 2008. Abstracts, and upon acceptance also papers, can be submitted to any of the editors:

- Rüdiger Frank (ruediger.frank@univie.ac.at)
- James E. Hoare (jimhoare64@aol.co.uk)
- Patrick Köllner (koellner@giga-hamburg.de) or
- Susan Pares (spares@myway.com)


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