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Review and Comments

"Korea Yearbook 2007 is 100 per cent topical; if this standard can be maintained in future volumes, the Korea Yearbook will earn its place on many a bookshelf."
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Keith Howard, Professor of Music at the Centre of Korean Studies, University of London


"Das Korea Yearbook bietet einen spannenden Überblick über Aspekte der politischen, wirtschaftlichen bzw. gesellschaftlichen Entwicklung. Die Artikel sind auf hohem Niveau. Der Rezensent hat keine Zweifel, dass dieses Werk zu den Standardwerken all jener werden wird, die sich systematisch über Entwicklungen in Korea informieren möchten. Eine breite Leserschaft ist dem Buch zu wünschen."
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Peter Mayer, Country Representative of the German Friedrich-Ebert Foundation in Korea, Seoul


"A tremendously thorough, insightful and penetrating analysis, rich with information indispensable to the experts and useful to anyone interested in understanding the political, economic and diplomatic dynamics in both halves of the dynamic Korean Peninsula."

Mark Fitzpatrick, International Institute for Strategic Studies, London


"Korea Yearbook will be an indispensable resource for anyone interested in this most fascinating of countries. An international team of top-flight experts not only cover the year's key political and economic developments in both North and South - and the growing relationship between them - but also focus in on an unusually wide range of more specific themes: from foreign investment and the Lone Star affair, via online journalism and new urban landscapes, to North Korean refugees in China. Much more than a compendium, this is an exhilarating tour of Korean economy, politics and society on both sides of the DMZ. Bravo!"

Aidan Foster-Carter, Leeds University


"This volume is the most comprehensive and important summary of political and economic events published on contemporary Korea. In addition, it has a number of excellent essays on both the North and the South and their interrelations, and a variety of chapters on aspects of the political-cultural Korean scene. This annual work will be an essential companion to any researcher on modern Korea, and one that every library on foreign affairs will need. We look forward to the annual production of volumes of equal caliber."

David I. Steinberg, School of Foreign Service, Georgetown University


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