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Substitution of a M2/M3 Seminar

As stated in the EcoS curriculum you can substitute one of the four core seminars (M2a Economic Development in East Asia / M2b Economic Systems in East Asia/ M3a Political Systems in East Asia / M3b International Relations in East Asia) at EcoS. Substitutions can be made with one suitable seminar offered by the other disciplines of the Department of East Asian studies (Chinese, Japanese or Korean Studies).

Feel free to contact our student representatives for tips in choosing and finding seminars apt for substitution. However, keep in mind that the four core seminars are a direct preparation for your master thesis. Ideally you have passed all four before working on your thesis.

If you have found a suitable Master-level seminar in the course directory of Chinese, Japanese or Korean Studies that you would like to use a substitute seminar:

  • make sure that it concentrates on an economic or political topic in one or more of the countries of East Asia (seminars about e.g. literature, history or culture cannot be used as a substitution seminar)
  • make sure that it has at least the same amount of ECTS as the core seminar you want to substitute (7/8 ECTS or more)
  • read the entry requirements carefully and ensure that you fulfill them, as some seminars require you to have an advanced knowledge of German, Chinese, Japanese or Korean
  • contact the Directorate of Studies with a few sentences explaining why you have chosen this particular seminar and how it helps you to further develop your studies at EcoS, in order to get it approved as substitution

Note: Bachelor-level seminars are not eligible as substitution for an EcoS seminar.


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