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Please refer to the Course Catalogue for a complete overview of our course offer for current and past semesters.

When planning your term, please also take a look at the curriculum. In case of questions, follow the discussions within the EcoS Student Facebook Group or contact your student representatives.

To have a successful semester, please take into account that it is advised to register around 30 ECTS per term. Experience has also shown that it can be good to spread the M2/M3 seminars over your 4 semesters at EcoS and that an M2/M3 seminar is best combined with courses from M4 and M1 rather than with another M2/M3 seminar. Please also keep in mind that learning an East Asian language does require several weekly hours of self-study in addition to the time in class.

We highly welcome suggestions for the improvement of our courses, and ideas for new course topics.

How to register for EcoS courses?

For questions concerning the course registration process, please refer to the How To document compiled by your student representatives.

The University of Vienna has also posted a video on facebook introducing the course registration.


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