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Letter of Recommendation


Students often need a so-called ‘Letter of Recommendation’ when they want to apply for a scholarship. Even for internships (e.g. big organizations) or for studying abroad you might be asked to attach one or two letters of recommendation to your application. Your lecturers at EcoS are happy to help you with that matter, but to make things easier for them and for you as well, it is important to be well prepared. So we put together some helpful guidelines for you:

  1. Think about what you need and provide all necessary information, e.g. until when you need the Letter of Recommendation.

  2. The file has to be a doc, no pdf, so it can still be changed.

  3. Write a nice email either to Prof. Frank, Mr. Mandl or any other lecturer. Be professional and keep a polite tone. Not: “I need XYZ until tomorrow” but: “Would you please be so kind”, “would be of great help” etc.

  4. Re-read your email and look for spelling mistakes. Always keep in mind that you are asking a favor from someone and not the other way round.

  5. Allow the staff at least 3-5 working days (that is: Monday to Friday) to answer your email. If you do not get an answer after about a week, maybe look at the email you sent again and check for mistakes (name spelled correctly, greetings, and general spelling). If you cannot find any flaws, send a nice inquiry that you are not sure whether he/she really got your message.

  6. If you are short of time and need something fast do not send one email after another. Add something along the lines of “I know this is on short notice, but I have an appointment/deadline at XX.XX.XXXX and would be very grateful if you could…”

  7. Keep in mind that academic staff can be attending conferences in foreign countries with limited or no access to office infrastructure, on holidays or sick. Thus, send your email well in advance.



Always keep in mind: YOU know the requirements for the position/internship/summer course … best and should find the appropriate wording.


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