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Information on PhD Thesis

The index number ("Studienkennzahl") of the PhD study program "East Asian Economy and Society" is 792 399.

PhD Theses at EcoS

Burghart, Sabine: An institutionalist Perspective on Capacity Building in the DPR Korea (2015/Rüdiger Frank)

Ziemek, Marc: Social Responsibility of Companies in South Korea: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as a Component of the Globalization Strategy (2017/Rüdiger Frank) PhD Poster

Clement, Théo: China's economic Engagement Strategy towards a reforming DPRK (ongoing/Rüdiger Frank)

Kim, Daniel: Ostasiatische Unternehmenskultur in Deutschland: Reibungspunkte und Attraktivität koreanischer und japanischer Unternehmen auf dem deutschen Arbeitsmarkt (ongoing/Rüdiger Frank)

Loher, Josef Falko: Multi-level Climate Change Governance in East Asia (ongoing/Rüdiger Frank)

Mandl, Martin: Cultural Diplomacy on the Palate: A comprehensive two-way Evaluation of Public Diplomacy Programmes in South Korea, Taiwan, and Thailand (ongoing/Rüdiger Frank)

Sugar, Unenbaatar: Sozialistische Transformation in der DR Mongolei seit 1990 (ongoing/Rüdiger Frank)


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