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Rules of Etiquette - How to Properly Contact the EcoS Staff Via Email

Date: October 2015


The EcoS staff strives to answer any questions regarding the EcoS MA Programme and study-related issues in a timely manner, prior to as well as during your EcoS studies.

Please consider the following three simple rules on how to proceed in case you intend to make an enquiry.

  1. Check the available sources BEFORE you contact the EcoS staff.
    Helpful sources of information are e.g. the EcoS Website, the EcoS Curriculum, the course directory, the website of the University of Vienna and many more.
    You will probably find the answer to your question already provided online.
  2. Think about the information you need in the most detailed way possible in order to facilitate and speed up the process of answering your question.
    What exactly do you want to know? Which information will be needed by the EcoS staff in order to be able to answer your question?
  3. Stick to the common rules of politeness.
    Make sure your email features a professional and polite tone. Address the person you write to properly (i.e. check for correct spelling, position etc.), and present your enquiry in a concise manner, however, still containing all the necessary information. Do not forget to add a meaningful subject line, and to include your full name and contact details in the email.

Please understand that EcoS staff reserves the right to not answer emails that do not fulfill these basic requirements.



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