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KOREA 2010

Frank, Rüdiger et al. (2010), Korea 2010: Politics, Economy and Society, Leiden: Brill; Korea 2010: Politics, Economy and Society contains concise overview articles covering domestic developments and the economy in both South and North Korea as well as inter-Korean relations and foreign relations of the two Koreas in 2009. A detailed chronology complements these articles. Click here for more information. Purchase @amazon or @brill.

Kim Jong Un on Painting?

Prof. Rüdiger Frank discusses what to make of a recent leaked photo of what have deemed the first North Korean painting depicting Kim Jong Un. Click here to read the full article.



Prof. Rüdiger Frank comments on the current security situation in East Asia after artillery shelling in Korea on November 23rd.  Click here to read (in German) @derStandard.at

Vienna Studies on East Asia Vol. I

Claudia Schmidhofer: Fakt und Fantasie. Das Japanbild in deutschsprachigen Reiseberichten 1854-1900, in Rüdiger Frank and Lukas Pokorny (Eds.): Vienna Studies on East Asia Vol I; In der zweiten Hälfte des 19. Jh. gewann Japan, die einstige terra incognita, eine ungeahnte Popularität als Reiseziel, wovon ein umfangreiches Schrifttum Berufs- und Vergnügungsreisender zeugt. Dieser heute weitgehend dem Vergessen preisgegebene Literaturkorpus bietet nicht nur Einblicke in die Diskrepanz zwischen europäischem Wunschbild und fernöstlicher Wirklichkeit, poetischem Ideal und prosaischer Realität, sondern auch erstaunliche Aufschlüsse über die Traditionslinien gegenwärtiger westlicher Japan-Stereotype. Purchase at amazon.


First master thesis within main area of research 'Climate Change, Environment and Energy in East Asia'

We are proud to present our first contribution to our new main area of research 'Climate Change, Environment and Energy in East Asia'. Our graduate Josef Falko Loher has written a master thesis on Domestic Climate Change Governance in Japan, China and South Korea. You can find his thesis online within the University of Vienna database of theses. Click here for the full thesis (German).

ZDF interview

Prof. Rüdiger Frank gives answers on the current security crisis on the Korean peninsula and interpretes the motives of North Korea's actions. Click here to read the full interview.



Since October 2010, the Department of East Asian Studies of the University of Vienna is a member of EastAsiaNet, a network of leading European research schools with a well-developed social-science focus on East Asia. It takes up issues that surpass the capacity of single institutions in training and in research. Ultimately, it contributes high-level expertise to a European perspective on Euro-Asia relations. Prof. Rüdiger Frank has been elected as Executive Board Member of the network. To learn more, see http://www.eastasianet.eu.


Photo: KCNA/AP

FIRST analysis of the outcomes of North Korea's recent delegates meeting

Prof. Rüdiger Frank examines what we can glean from the outcomes of the recent Third Delegate's Meeting of the Worker's Party of Korea about the power succession in North Korea. Click here to read the full article.



From today highly motivated students can apply for internships at renowned companies and organizations from various fields. Depending on the project, students are also given the opportunity to write their MA or PhD thesis in the course of their working experience. To find out more about the initiative click here.


Main area of research ‚Climate Change, Environment and Energy in East Asia’ at EcoS

The chair of ‘East Asian Economy and Society’ has since October 2010 installed ‘Climate Change, Environment and Energy in East Asia’ as a key topic within our program. Given the need for intense research on global warming countermeasures, environmental degradation and energy politics in East Asia, we support contributions that imply a social science approach in one of these fields. more

Live Chat @derStandard.at

Due to the delegates meeting of the North Korean party on tuesday September 28th, Prof. Rüdiger Frank answered questions about North Korea @derstandard.at Chat. Click here to read the chat protocol.


LIVE Interview

According to Rudiger Frank, Professor of East Asian Economy and Society at Vienna University, it’s unlikely that Jong-un will be announced at the meeting. Rather, Frank says, he will be elevated to some kind of post within the Central Committee and be given a chance to develop a record of his own. After that, at the 2012 party congress, he might be announced as the next leader (www.rt.com). Click here to watch the interview on YouTube.



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