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Workshop: Engaging North Korea

On 16 December 2015, Prof. Rüdiger Frank invited international junior and senior experts to Vienna with a view to discussing current and possible future engagements with North Korea. The workshop proved a great success and will hopefully lead to further fruitful collaborations.

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New Article by Prof. Frank: "The 7th Congress of the Workers' Party of Korea in 2016: Return to a 'New Normal' or Risk a 'Take-Off'?"

On 30 October 2015, the North Korean media announced that the 7th Congress of the Workers' Party of Korea (WPK) - the first WPK Congress since 1980 - will be convened in May 2016.

In "The 7th Congress of the Workers' Party of Korea in 2016: Return to a 'New Normal' or Risk a 'Take Off'?" (published in 38 North, 11 November 2015), Prof. Frank takes up this major milestone, speculating about the reasons for and possible outcomes of the event.

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Ostasientag 2016: Call for Photos

EcoS is looking for a high-quality photo (in colour, taken by yourself, .gif/.pgn/.jpg-format) that can be used for advertising next year's Ostasientag (11 March 2016).

The photo must comply with common ethical standards and should clearly reflect on the motto of the event "Ostasien: Zu- & Ausgänge", i.e. a wordplay on various approaches to and aspects of the engagement with East Asia, evoking the image of ways leading into/out of the region. Creative interpretations of the theme are highly welcome!

The winner of the photo competition will be selected by a jury comprising of EcoS staff members, and will receive a voucher for an exclusive Dinner for Two at the restaurant Saigon, Neulerchenfelderstraße 37, A-1160 Vienna.

Deadline for Submission: 10 December 2015, 6 pm

Please submit your photo incl. a brief statement (what can be seen on the photo, when/where was it taken etc.) via email to Anna Holzmann (anna.karin.holzmann[at]univie.ac.at), Student assistant at the Chair of East Asian Economy and Society.

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Invitation: Talk on "Indonesia - The New Maritime Axis on the Asia-Pacific"

EcoS cordially invites you to a highly interesting talk by Dr. Tomáš Petrů from the Oriental Institute of the Czech Academy of Sciences on "Indonesia - The New Maritime Axis of the Asia-Pacific", discussing - amongst others - Indonesia's role as a new, rising middle power.

The talk takes place on Thursday, 3 December 2015 (4:45-6:15pm) at the seminar room OAW (2I-O1-05), Hof 2, AAKH Campus. The event is open to the public. No prior registration is needed.

Please click here for more details.




Vienna Journal of East Asian Studies, Vol. 7 is NOW AVAILABLE!

The seventh volume of our publication Vienna Journal of East Asian Studies (editors: Rüdiger Frank / Ina Hein / Lukas Pokorny / Agnes Schick-Chen) is now available! This volume contains articles by Albert Allgaier, Andrea Aumayr, Rainer Doppler, Christine M. Havlicek, Isabel Heger, Arthur Müller, Julia Renner and Mei Yang.

The Vienna Journal of East Asian Studies is a compilation of high-quality research articles, illustrating the great variety of topics to be dealt with in East Asian Studies. Once a year, the editors invite contributions from staff members and only the most distinguished recent graduates of the Department of East Asian Studies at the University of Vienna, providing young scholars in particular with a platform to present their pioneering works to a worldwide academic audience.

More information on this volume can be found here:

Overview and Abstracts // Contributors // Editing Team // Purchase at Praesens Verlag 



Release: Report of the Department of East Asian Studies 2015

With the help of Josef Falko Loher and Anna Holzmann of the Chair of East Asian Economy and Society, the annual report of the Department of East Asian Studies ("Institutsbericht") for the academic year 2014/15 has now been finalised and published on the website of the Department of East Asian Studies.

Click here to access the full report (in German).



Bid Invitation: External Lecturer

The Chair of East Asian Economy and Society (EcoS) is looking for an external lecturer for the summer term 2016.

We accept applications for courses of Modul 4 of our curriculum, type VU (4 ECTS).

If you are interested and see yourself apt for teaching at our Chair, please see the Bid Invitation for further details and send your complete application per eMail to ecos[at]univie.ac.at until December 1, 2015.



IPAC 2016: International Graduate Student Conference in Seoul

The Chung Ang University (Seoul, South Korea) and the Ritsumeikan University (Kyoto, Japan) cordially invite applications for the International Graduate Student Conference IPAC 2016 in Seoul. Participants will be required to give a 15-20 minute speech in English. Please click here for more information in German.

Conference date: 18-19 February 2016

Funding: flights and accommodation will be covered by the Ritsumeikan University

If you want to participate, please submit your CV and an abstract of your speech (300 words) as PDF files  via email to DDr. Barbara Holthus (barbara.holthus[at]univie.ac.at) of the Chair of Japanese Studies by 20 November 2015 (!) the latest. For further information, please also directly contact DDr. Holthus.



New Article by Prof. Frank: "North Korea's Foreign Trade"

In "North Korea's Foreign Trade" (published in 38 North, 22 October 2015), Prof. Frank analyses North Korea's foreign trade as a major indicator of the country's overall economic situation. He touches upon North Korea's structural trade deficit and its relations to China, and also elaborates on the general integrity of macroeconomic data on the country.

Click here to view the full article.



Workshop on "Taiwanese Popular Culture in a Regional Context"

Jagiellonian University in Krakow kindly invites EcoS students to attend a student workshop on Taiwanese Popular Culture in a Regional Context (with renowned scholars such as Chris Berry, Astrid Lipinsky, Sung Sang-yeon or Ann Heylen).

When: Nov 16-20, 30 class hours
Host institution: Institute of Middle and Far Eastern Studies Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Poland
Costs: free of charge (accomodation and travel costs need to be covered by students, however)

More information can be found here!

EcoS will approve participation in this workshop with 4 ECTS for module M4 - part 1. To apply for participation, please send an email to Prof Adina Zemanek (adina.zemanek@gmail.com) and cc the EcoS staff (ecos@univie.ac.at).

Please note that the deadline has been extended for EcoS students to Friday, October 2!





Consultation Hours Student Representatives

Starting on September 2, 2015, your student representatives Anna, Hanna and Daniel will offer consultation hours on Wednesdays, 15:00-17:00 (Sinology common room).
Consultation hour October- end of term: upon arrangement

Please let us know via email if/when you intend to drop by.



Paid Six Months Traineeship in Myanmar

[07 July 2015] Julian Stefan, a former EcoS student, is now head of the Mandalay office of the German trade company Jebsen & Jessen Southeast Asia. The company is growing fast, thus he seeks EcoS graduates or students who will graduate soon who are interested in a paid six months traineeship in Myanmar. Preference will be given to persons who can imagine to work long-term for the company.

For more information please check: www.jj-pun.com and www.jjsea.com. In case you are interested, please contact julian_stefan@jjsea.com directly.



Thesis Writing Workshop 2015/16

[07 July 2015] The Center for Teaching and Learning offers a workshop for Master students who are already in the process of writing their Master thesis („Schreibwerkstätten“). A mentor will support you and max. 14 other Master students in structuring your topic, researching literature, writing the very first draft version and re-writing it to hopefully submit the final version in the summer semester 2016. There will be 8 meetings ...

[please click here for further info]



Welcoming our New EcoS Students

[24 June 2015] The Chair of East Asian Economy and Society is proud to announce that the Selection Committee has positively approved the acceptance of 25 new EcoS students for the academic year 2015/16. 70 applications from students of 34 different nations were registered during this year's application window, confirming the international reputation of our programme. While we congratulate those who were accepted, we at the same time regret not to be able to accommodate further highly motivated and diversely skilled applicants.

Please click Admission on your left for additional information on our application procedure or navigate to New Students in the For Students directory for valuable information if you are among the newly accepted students.




Self-Employment & East Asia

[23 June 2015] An audience of students and other interested individuals took the opportunity to learn first hand from our four experts, each founding and running her/his own business with a focal Point on  East Asia, at Praxis Link East Asia's (PLEA) Expert Round Table: Self-Employment & East Asia, yesterday. The individual setting of the event, chaired by Josef Falko Loher and Martin Mandl, as well as the relaxed atmosphere allowed for a stimulated exchange between our guest speakers and the participating audience. Personal insights and distinct approaches to self-employment were shared and valuable lessons learned by our students for their own future self-employment projects. The Department of East Asian Studies would like to sincerely thank its guests for sharing their experience and is looking forward to another PLEA event soon.

For a short biography of our guest speakers please see the pdf-invitation.




More than 33.000 people visited the recent 3-day Campus Festival 2015, highlight of this year's 650th Anniversary of the University of Vienna. Among the plethora of shows, activities and sights, students of the Department of East Asian Studies presented their research on the History of Education in East Asia 1365 - 2015 in a special poster exhibition.

Visit the Campus Festival Homepage [in German] or navigate to the Univiersity of Vienna's flickr Photo Album for more impressions!



Expert Round Table: Self-Employment & East Asia

The Department of East Asian Studies cordially invites all Students and Staff to our lecture series Praxis Link East Asia. Together with our Experts we will share Ideas, gain Insights, discuss Chances, Challenges and Opportunities, and learn from the Experience of being Self-Employed with an East Asian focal point. And we especially want to answer your Questions!

When? 22 June 2015, 6:30pm
Where? Seminarroom OAW (2I-O1-05) Hof 2, AAKH Campus

Open for public attendance without prior Registration.

Click here for the full pdf-Invitation.



Bid Invitation: External Lecturer

The Chair of East Asian Economy and Society (EcoS) is looking for an external lecturer for one course in the winter term 2015/16 within the following range of topics:

  • East Asian Economy (M2),
  • East Asian Politics (M3), or
  • East Asian Society (M4)

Numbers in brackets are reference to the respective Module in our Curriculum.

If you are interested and see yourself apt for teaching at our Chair, please see the Bid Invitation for further details and send your complete application per eMail to ecos@univie.ac.at until July 1, 2015.



Poster Exhibition: History of Education in East Asia 1365 - 2015

In preparation of this year's 650th Anniversary of the University of Vienna, lecturers and students of all four Chairs of the Department of East Asian Studies came together for a Joint Project on "The History of Education in East Asia 1365 - 2015".

During the upcoming Campus Festival (12 - 14 June 2015, Campus AAKH) the research results will be available to a broad interested public audience by means of a Poster Exhibition [in German] at Aula am Campus (Hof 1.11), 13 & 14 June 2015, 10:00am to 5:00pm. Participating students will also be on-sight to introduce the research results and answer visitors' questions.

To preview the posters in English please click here. Otherwise we are all looking forward to seeing you at Campus Festival!



Tseten Zöchbauer: Tibetans in Exile

The Chair of EcoS and Fiona Seiger cordially invite to a special lecture by Tseten Zöchbauer on "Transnational Identities and Notions of 'Home': Tibetans in Exile" as part of the ongoing seminar "Migration in East Asia". The lecture will be held Thursday, June 18, 3:00-4:30pm and is open for public attendance without prior registration.

Tseten Zöchbauer was born in Tibet in 1959. From 1961 to 1964 she lived ...

click here for the full invitation



Announcing the new Student Representatives

From 19 May to 21 May 2015 the University of Vienna has elected its student representatives. This also gave EcoS students the possibility to vote for their direct representation for the next two years.

The Chair of EcoS is happy to announce three highly motivated candidates who have been elected for the two-year-term office as student representatives. They are (by number of votes): 


  • Hanna Andrea SAND
  • Anna Karin HOLZMANN
  • Daniel YASIN

We compliment them on their election and look forward to a fruitful cooperation!



Tokyo live in our Classroom

For her class on Migration in East Asia, Fiona Seiger today (7 May 2015) invited a special guest via live online stream to the EcoS classroom. Cesar Santoyo, founder of the Centre for Japanese – Filipino Families (CJFF) and the Social Enterprise English Language School (SEELS), shared his valuable insight into the situation of Filipina migrant women and their children within the Japanese society. Students thereby could gain from the first hand experience and knowledge of an expert in the field.



Philippine Perspectives on the South China Sea Dispute

The Diplomatic Academy of Vienna and the Embassy of the Republic of the Philippines in Vienna, in cooperation with the Institute of East Asian Studies cordially invite to a talk by Antonio T. Caprio, Senior Associate Justice, Supreme Court of the Philippines, on the Philippine Perspectives on the South China Sea Dispute, moderated by Dr. Alfred Gerstl. 

Monday, 04 May 2015, 6:30pm at the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna. Please register before 29 April 2015 free of charge via www.da-vienna.ac.at/events.



New Article by Prof. Frank: "The North Korean Budget Report 2015"

In “The North Korean Budget Report 2015: Ten Observations”, Prof. Frank analyses the economic contents of the April 2015 session of the North Korean parliament. He concludes that there is some dynamism in Pyongyang’s domestic economic policy, but still no indication of a serious economic reform.

Click here for the full article.



Planet Wissen: Prof. Frank on Korea [in German]

In German television programme "Planet Wissen: Korea - Geteiltes Land" (WDR, SWR, ARD-alpha), Prof. Rüdiger Frank and Korean-born movie director Sung Yung Cho share their insights in and prospects for the two countries along the 38th parallel.

Click here for the full video [in German]!



Strategic Gaming: South China Sea Conflict 2015

Invited by Alfred Gerstl and Josef Falko Loher, about 40 Students of various backgrounds, both Bachelor and Master students, left the ordinary class room for a very special course at the Department of East Asian Studies. Taking the South China Sea Conflict as ...

[continue reading]



Korea and the Rise of Asia

EcoS and the Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Austria cordially invite all students and the interested public to a talk by H.E. Ambassador SONG Young-wan on Korea and the Rise of Asia as well as the current situation on the Korean peninsula.

Monday, 20 April 2015, 6:30pm at the seminar room Japanologie (2K-EG-21), Hof 2, AAKH Campus. No prior registration required.



Japan's Security Policy

The Diplomatic Academy of Vienna and the Embassy of Japan in Austria, in cooperation with the Institute of East Asian Studies cordially invite to a talk by Prof. Kazuya Sakamoto (Osaka University) on Japan's Security Policy, moderated by Dr. Alfred Gerstl. 

Tuesday, 17 March 2015, 6:30pm at the Diplomatic Academy. Interested? Please register via www.da-vienna.ac.at/events or by fax: 01/504 22 65-200.



Competitive Sports vs. Formal Education [in German]

How does Japan scope with this Dilemma?

Katrin Jumiko Leitner's new book, edited by Prof. Rüdiger Frank and Dr. Lukas Pokorny, looks behind the (in-) compatibility of competitive sports, formal education and professional careers. Click here for a detailed abstract and further Information in German.




EcoS Classes in Summer Term 2015

Please find last minute information on our EcoS classes in summer term 2015 here!



EcoS Newsletter, February 2015

Dear new and old EcoS students,

before the start of the new term, we would like to provide you with further information on:

  • Orientation Day
  • Prof. Frank's Sabbatical
  • Next term's "Focus International Relations"

Check out the latest EcoS Newsletter here!



Interview with Prof Frank on 'The Interview' [in German]

In a recent interview with German magazine 'Der Stern' Prof Rüdiger Franks elaborates on North Korea's harsh reaction to the release of Hollywood comedy 'The Interview'. 

Please click here for the interview!


Sustainability Challenge 2015 - Smart Cities

The EcoS team highly recommends EcoS students to participate in the special lecture 'Sustainability Challenge 2015 - Smart Cities' (initiated and funded by the Austrian ministry of Science, Research and Economy as well as RCE).


The Sustainability Challenge 2015 (SC2015) is a inter-disciplinary lecture with focus on sustainable development. Students acquire in-depth knowledge on social, ecological and economic development by participating in lectures by six experts from four university and in group projects with real-world stakeholders.


EcoS students interested in participating are kindly ask to contact Josef Falko Loher (josef.falko.loher@univie.ac.at; 01-4277-43873) prior to application with the SC2015 in order to discuss possible approval of credits. Please also note that applications can only be accepted until February 15. The lecture takes place in German!



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