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Ed. by Frank, Rüdiger and Swenson-Wright, John (2012), Korea and East Asia: The Stony Road to Collective Security

Will the twenty-first century be the Asian century? Will the People's Republic of China overtake the United States as the leading global superpower? Will an armed conflict break out on the Korean peninsula, and can it be contained? While opinions differ strongly, there seems to be a certain consensus that the East Asian region, roughly defined as Northeast Asia (China, the two Koreas, Japan and the Russian Far East) plus Southeast Asia (ASEAN), will be ever more globally significant in the years to come. This book, which is part of a new series, critically addresses the potential of the liberal concept of collective security to provide a solution, with a focus on the Korean peninsula (more...).

Ed. by Frank, Rüdiger (2011), Exploring North Korean Arts. Nürnberg: Verlag für moderne Kunst

In an attempt to investigate contemporary North Korean society through art, twelve academic experts from eight countries came together in Vienna in September 2010 for the international symposium “Exploring North Korean Arts”, designed and organized by Prof. Frank of the Chair of East Asian Economy and Society at the University of Vienna in close cooperation with the MAK (Museum für Angewandte Kunst, museum of applied arts). The results of this symposium are now available as an edited book. Three core themes are addressed: (1) an introduction to North Korean art, including its function, its reception, and its connection to other spheres of society; (2) the question of exhibiting North Korean art; and (3)  examples of North Korean art ranging from traditional brush painting to music, stamps, mosaics and illustrations in children’s books. For the table of contents, the introductory chapter and ordering information, click here.  

Frank, Rüdiger and Sabine Burghart (2009), Driving Forces of Socialist Transformation. North Korea and the Experience of Europe and East Asia, Wien: Praesens Verlag

The book contains eleven articles and two comments covering post-socialism as research categories, experiences of East European and East Asian transformation of state socialism and an analysis of the North Korean case. Purchase @amazon


Pokorny, Lukas (2008), Ontologische Parallelen in Neuplatonismus und Neokonfuzianismus: Salomon ibn Gabirol und Yi Yulgok, Wien: Praesens Verlag

Neuplatonismus und Neokonfuzianismus im Vergleich: die vorliegende Studie dokumentiert, dass sich trotz unterschiedlicher doktrineller Parameter und eines divergenten kulturell eingebetteten, zeitlichen und lokalen Settings, anhand einer abstrahierenden Analyse parallele funktionale Strukturschemata im ontologischen Diskurs zweier prominenter Exponenten von Neuplatonismus und Neokonfuzianismus - Salomon ibn Gabirol und Yi Yulgok - herauskristallisieren lassen. Die Analyse stützt sich hierbei auf die Funktionalität grundlegender systemischer Funktionsträger - deus, voluntas, forma universalis und materia universalis respektive t'aegŭk, to, i und ki - und ist als ein Beitrag zur vergleichenden Philosophie bzw. Religionswissenschaft zu sehen. Purchase @amazon




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