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EcoS is a two-year multidisciplinary master program that deals with contemporary societal, political and economic aspects of the East Asian region as a whole. We regard East Asia as more than just the sum of countries in that region, hence we focus on current transnational and regional issues, as well as on comparative approaches. Click here to know more about EcoS Application process.

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 Most Recent Announcements


Traineeships at EU, UN & OSCE in Vienna

The European External Service, in cooperation with several Universities across Europe, is offering a series of traineeship opportunities at various UN...


The European Patent Office and its Asian Patent Information service for researchers

Staffed by experts on the Japanese, Chinese and Korean patent systems, the Asian patent information services offer assistance in searching...


On 19 and 20 January 2019, the “Strategic Game: North Korea” took place at the Department of East Asian Studies. 45 students represented ASEAN as...


Internship Opportunities at the OAV [German-Asia Pacific Business Association]

The OAV is offering two work opportunities for students interested in doing an internship at their headquarters. Students who apply must be fully...


On March 8, on the occasion of the ITB in Berlin, Prof. Frank will receive the ITB BookAward awarded in cooperation with the Börsenverein des...


The article, written for the specialized portal '38th North', delved deeper into the speech's content, which touched on topics like economic growth,...