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EcoS is a two-year multidisciplinary master program that deals with contemporary societal, political and economic aspects of the East Asian region as a whole. We regard East Asia as more than just the sum of countries in that region, hence we focus on current transnational and regional issues, as well as on comparative approaches. Click here to know more about EcoS Application process.

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 Most Recent Announcements


Upcoming Activities for EcoS Students

EcoS Student Representatives have organize two events for November and December, preparing for the upcoming winter festivities.


As part of our series of Guest Lectures for this Winter Semester, Prof. Patrick Köllner, from the German Institute of Global and Area Studies - GIGA,...


In order to comply with the EU's General Data Protection Regulation, the University of Vienna requires all students to use their u:account's Webmail...


Update on CTL's Writing Mentoring Programme for MA Students

The CTL has shared the schedule for this semester's writing mentoring programme for students writing their MA Thesis in English


This is a very helpful programme for those who need to strengthen their research abilities, as well as improve their reading comprehension and writing...


We would like to inform that the deadline to send the motivation letter to get one of the 10 places available for this course has been extended to...