Official Forms from EcoS

The following is a list of forms utilized by EcoS and the Department of East Asian Studies. Many of these procedures can be completed digitally or in person. If you have any questions or uncertainties, please consult with the SSC. If you are unable to personally pick up or deliver the documents, you may authorize someone else to do so using the "Vollmacht" authorization form (available at the end of this page). Please note that EcoS Staff and the Department of East Asian Studies are unable to request documents on behalf of students.

 Recognition of Grades [Anerkennung]

The pdf document must be filled out with your signature, and sent to Ms. Stefanie Yu ( together with the excel file listing the courses subject to recognition. 

 Record of Examination [Prüfungspass]

In order to submit your Master Thesis and comply with the requirements to obtain your degree, you must have passed all the courses and examinations defined in the EcoS Curriculum. The document that certifies this is the "Record of Examination" [Prüfungspass] (see below), which has to be filled out bearing in mind the language the student chose to study.

The student must fill in the highlighted sections of the document and send it as a .docx file together with the pdf "Submission of Record of Examination" (see below) to Ms. Stefanie Yu ( per e-mail. Afterwards, Ms. Yu will forward both documents to the SCC.

Incomplete documents cannot be processed. Obtaining the Record of Examination [Prüfungspass] can take up to 8 weeks, so the student must request it with enough time in advance. 

 Registration of Master Thesis

The following two forms are necessary in order to register a MA Thesis. The form "Ansuchen um Thema und Betreuung" (see below) requires three signatures: Yours, your supervisor’s and the SPL’s- in that order. Note: If supervised by Steven Denney, BA MA PhD, add his name by hand if it is not included in the listed options.

Once you have your signature and your supervisor’s, please deliver the form together with the form "SL/W1 Regeln der guten wissenschaftlichen Praxis" (see below) and your exposé to the SSC of the Faculty of Philological and Cultural Studies. The SSC is in charge of procuring the SPL's signature.

Note: The SSC advises you to register your MA thesis six months before your planned date of graduation. It is strongly recommended that you have at least finished some work on the theoretical part before officially registering your topic.

 Registration for Defensio

Make sure to follow the instructions under step 5 of Finalise your MA Study at EcoS, before submitting the form "registration for the oral examination (defensio)" (see below).