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Gerstl A, Mandl M. Austria: Strong Economic Relations with Scope for Deeper Ties. In Simalcik M, Gerstl A, Dominika R, editors, Beyond the Dumpling Alliance: Tracking Taiwan’s Relations with Central and Eastern Europe. Bratislava: CEIAS. 2023

Mandl M. Taiwan: A Fellow Country on the Front Lines. In Gerstl A, Simalcik M, editors, Mixed reactions to the Russian war against Ukraine in the Indo-Pacific: Views of governments and civil society. Bratislava: CEIAS. 2023

Cervantes Nieto A, Bonilla Castaño CD. Corruption in drug treatment systems, innovation against corrupt practices.. 2023. Paper presented at Regional Academy of the United Nations 2022, Vienna, Austria.

Gerstl A. The Impacts of the Belt and Road Initiative and the South China Sea Dispute on the Hedging Strategies of the Philippines and Vietnam Towards China. In ICOAS, editor, The Twelfth International Convention of Asia Scholars (ICAS 12) . Vol. 1. Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press. 2022. p. 191-198 doi:

Showing entries 1 - 20 out of 421