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To find out more information about our MA program, we invite you to visit the website’s EcoS Students section. Additionally, the following sites will be useful to engage with EcoS students:

Please note that the Admissions Office at the University of Vienna is in charge of all procedural matters, including the approval of documents and previous degrees. For questions regarding the program itself, check our FAQ section below or contact us at

 Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, you will find the most common questions we receive from applicants to EcoS. Please understand that the staff of EcoS is not in a position to answer questions regarding the admission and selection process.

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At what level are language courses taught at EcoS?
Do courses in EcoS require attendance in person?
Is EcoS a full-time master program?
What is the duration of the EcoS MA program?
What do I need to include in the letter of motivation?
What career opportunities are there after graduating from EcoS?
Which majors are eligible for studying EcoS?