Student Residence Permit in Austria

Note that the information on this website is not official. Please refer to the official websites of the Austrian authorities (Austrian Government Immigration Office) for the up-to-date application process.

In addition to applying to our program in a timely manner, non-EU/EEA citizens must apply for a student resident permit. This is a mandatory requirement to live and study in Austria for periods longer than six months. We strongly encourage you to look at the requirements for this application even before you receive your admission notification from the University of Vienna, because many of the required documents must be officially translated, legalized and/or notarized. 

Where to apply?

The Magistratabteilung 35 (MA 35) is the immigration office in Austria. They will be in charge of processing your application to obtain a student resident permit.

Depending on your country of origin, you will a) have to apply for this permit at an Austrian Embassy, or b) be able to travel to Vienna and apply directly at the MA35 upon arrival, and before the end of your legal stay. Typically, only nationals from countries with a visa-free entry to Austria are part of group B. Please, make sure to know how you have to apply on the Austrian government website.

Regardless of your country of origin, if you are a non-EU/EEA citizen, make sure to have all your documents ready before travelling to Austria. You will need to present them at the MA35 office even if you have initially applied at an Austrian Embassy.

If you can apply upon arrival in Vienna, make sure to do this as early as possible. The application process is lengthy, the MA35 may require additional documents, resulting in a even longer waiting period. Failing to comply with these requirements could result in a denial of your residence permit and you will need to return to your country of origin to re-apply again.