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EcoS is a two-year multidisciplinary master program that deals with contemporary societal, political and economic aspects of the East Asian region as a whole. We regard East Asia as more than just the sum of countries in that region, hence we focus on current transnational and regional issues, as well as on comparative approaches. Click here to know more about EcoS Application process.

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Mr. Martin Weiser will talk about the history and relevance of the democratic parties North Korea, a leader State, as part of his current research on...


Do you happen to be in Kaohsiung, Taiwan on 24 and 25 October 2019? Join Martin Mandl and other international food experts for the Ninth International...


Are you in a Master’s program where English is the working language? Are you writing your thesis in English? Do you have questions about writing...


Martin Mandl talks about "Fake Meat" in China

For European news agency Pressetext and the Austrian Wirtschaftsverlag, Martin Mandl is commenting on “Fake Meat” in China, its historical roots and...


We would like to inform that the date for the tour of the East Asian Studies Library has changed.


Get familiar with our East Asian Studies Library, where you will have access to journals and books with a especial focus on this region.