Frequently Asked Questions

In this section you will find the most common questions we receive from applicants to EcoS. Please understand that the staff of EcoS is not in position to answer questions regarding the admissions and selection process.

For procedural questions, please check the information provided by Admissions Office at the University of Vienna. In addition, don't forget you can contact us at ecos[at], or you can contact the EcoS Student Representatives

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When registering for the program online, what name should I look for in uspace?
Do I need to know German to study at EcoS?
I have been accepted to EcoS but I cannot begin my studies during the winter semester. Can I start later?
What types of English Proficiency Certificates are valid?
What is the EcoS Entrance Examination?
When can I expect notification if my application is accepted?
What happens if I get accepted, but I am not able to enroll in the winter semester?
I will not receive my BA Diploma on time to apply for EcoS. Can I still submit my application?
What is the deadline for admission to EcoS for the study year 2022/23?
What do I need to include in the letter of motivation?
What career opportunities are there after graduating from EcoS?
Which majors are eligible for studying EcoS?
How competitive is admission to EcoS?
Why have admission requirements been introduced?
Do I have to pay tuition fees at the University of Vienna?
Do I need a translation, legislation or notarisation of my documents?