Important announcement: Transition to new EcoS curriculum


Our Director of Studies (SPL 15) has made a recent announcement, concerning the transition to EcoS' new curriculum.

- The new curriculum applies from winter semester 2020/21 for all students newly enrolled at EcoS.

- Students who have already successfully completed the respective modules (M2 and/or M3) before the winter semester 2020/21 are not affected by the curriculum changes.

- For students who enrolled before winter semester 2020/21:

  • a) Both the SE International Relations (8 ECTS) and SE Economic Development (8 ECTS) are offered in the summer semester 2020. This is the last semester these two are offered as seminars.
  • b) Students who have already passed the SE International Relations (8 ECTS) and/or SE Economic Development (8 ECTS) can attend the remaining seminars (Economic Systems, 7 ECTS, and/or Political Systems, 7 ECTS) without the obligation to also take the respective exercise courses (UE, 4 ECTS each). They are however highly recommended and the 4 ECTS (max. 8 ECTS in total) can be credited towards module M4 upon successful completion.