Important Info for all new EcoS Students


The Chair of EcoS together with the elected Student Representatives would like to help all new students getting oriented in the programme.

Therefore please find important information summarised on the First Semester at EcoS. Curcial dates at a glance:

  • Course registration is open exclusively between 15 and 29 September 2016, 10:00am. (For questions on the course registration process, please refer to the How To document compiled by your student representatives.)
  • Courses officially commence 03 October 2016 according to the times indicated in the EcoS Course Catalogue. (Please be aware that certain courses might be blocked or start at a later date)

  • An official Orientation Meeting for all new students with EcoS Staff and Student Representatives will take place 03 October 2016, 3:30pm at seminar room OAW (Ostasienwissenschaften). Attendance is highly recommended for all new students.

The Chair of EcoS and the student representatives wish all students a smooth start into the new semester!