Learning Bahasa Indonesia


Dear students, in the summer term 2018, the Department of Cultural and Social Anthropology (KSA) will organize two Bahasa Indonesia language courses (taught in English)

One cours is for beginners and the other is for advanced speakers. The beginner course will be held each Thursday (from 15 March on), 4:45-6:15 pm at KSA, seminar room D. There is no date for the advanced level course yet. Both classes will be taught by Paulina Chandrasari Kusuma, an experienced language teacher.

The courses, offered in cooperation with the Indonesian ministry of education and culture, are free of charge. However, as they are not part of the official curriculum, students can NOT RECEIVE ANY ECTS for their participation.

In case you are interested in attending one of the courses, please contact Dr. Gabriele Weichart (KSA, gabriele.weichart[at]univie.ac.at).