Registration Period for EcoS courses - Summer Semester 2021


Do not forget to enrol in your courses within the registration period for Summer Semester. The general period for EcoS courses is from 08.02.2021 [10:00 am] to 24.02.2021 [10:00 am]

Keep in mind that some of the language courses have a different registration time!

The Chinese courses with a different period are: ‘040172 KU Modern Chinese 1b (2021S)’ and ‘040173 KU Speaking Lab 1b (2021S)’. For these, the registration is open from 11.02.2021 [09:00 am] to 22.02.2021 [12:00 m]

All of the Japanese and Korean languages courses have the registration open from 15.02.2021 09:00 to 02.03.2021 10:00

For all of EcoS courses, including languages, deregistration is possible until the 26.03.2021 [23:59]. Remember that, if you stop attending the courses without deregistering on time, you will be failed.

Visit the course directory 2021SS in the following link

Stay healthy!

G’sund bleiben!

EcoS Team