Students Exchange Program


EcoS students from Austria, France, Germany and Poland and who are between 20 and 30 years old are now eligible to apply for the “Exchange Program for Regional Integration in East-Asia and Europe (EPRIE)”.

EPRIE 2012 deals with the regional integration of East-Asia and Europe, by using the examples of Japan, South Korea, Germany, Poland and France. The 12-day seminar aims for a better understanding of historical and transnational interrelations in the two regions by analyzing them and by promoting collaboration. 20 participants get the chance to obtain profound knowledge of the topic, to develop inter-cultural competency and to socialize with the other international attendants. During the 12-day seminar, the participants will travel to Warschau, Berlin and Strassburg.

The host organizations will bear all the costs (free board and lodging, no travel costs) expect the arrival and departure expenses to/from the seminar. For more information click