Sustainability Challenge 2015 - Smart Cities


The EcoS team highly recommends EcoS students to participate in the special lecture 'Sustainability Challenge 2015 - Smart Cities' (initiated and funded by the Austrian ministry of Science, Research and Economy as well as RCE).

The Sustainability Challenge 2015 (SC2015) is a inter-disciplinary lecture with focus on sustainable development. Students acquire in-depth knowledge on social, ecological and economic development by participating in lectures by six experts from four university and in group projects with real-world stakeholders.

EcoS students interested in participating are kindly ask to contact Josef Falko Loher (josef.falko.loher[at]; 01-4277-43873) prior to application with the SC2015 in order to discuss possible approval of credits. Please also note that applications can only be accepted until February 15. The lecture takes place in German!