Update on Chinese language class "Repetitorium zu Theorie und Praxis"


To all EcoS students taking Chinese courses, we ask you to read in detail the following announcement concerning the class “2018W 150091-1 Repetitorium zu Theorie und Praxis der chinesischen Schrift und Sprache” with Ms. Stefanie Yu.

All of EcoS students should be registered in this class and not in “150267 VO STEOP: Theorie und Praxis der chinesischen Schrift und Sprache (2018W)” from Prof. Zeidl. In case you wish to remain on the class of Prof. Zeidl, please bear in mind this has a higher workload and more emphasis in theory, as it is taught by the Sinologie Program.

The class from Ms. Yu does not require attendance, but it is mandatory to complete all the homework and tests to fulfil the necessary requirements to pass the course. If you are not registered yet, please send an e-mail to Ms. Yu (stefanie.yu[at]univie.ac.at) with your full name and student I.D.

For details on requirements for this class and schedule to give in the homework, please see the following link.