Update on Chinese Language Courses for EcoS Students


Due to the opening of a separate Chinese language course for EcoS students, we kindly ask students who registered or are interested in registering to please follow the instructions below.

EcoS students who have already registered for the Chinese Language courses are asked to deregister from them. Afterwards, students should register for the following courses:

  • 040077 Modern Chinese 1a
  • 040089 Speaking Lab 1a
  • 040093 Speaking Practice 1a
  • 150091 Revision Course to Theory and Practice of Chinese Writing and Language*

*This course should only be taken by students who do not speak German. For German-speaking students, we kindly ask to remain registered in the "150267 STEOP: Theory and Praxis of Chinese Writing and Language".

The courses are on the EcoS Course Directory for this winter semester.These change has been done in order to make sure all of the EcoS students will be registered in the Chinese language courses designed for the master programme, and not for Chinese Studies.