Vienna Journal of East Asian Studies, Vol. 7 is now available


The seventh volume of our publication Vienna Journal of East Asian Studies (editors: Rüdiger Frank / Ina Hein / Lukas Pokorny / Agnes Schick-Chen) is now available!

This volume contains articles by Albert Allgaier, Andrea Aumayr, Rainer Doppler, Christine M. Havlicek, Isabel Heger, Arthur Müller, Julia Renner and Mei Yang.

The Vienna Journal of East Asian Studies is a compilation of high-quality research articles, illustrating the great variety of topics to be dealt with in East Asian Studies. Once a year, the editors invite contributions from staff members and only the most distinguished recent graduates of the Department of East Asian Studies at the University of Vienna, providing young scholars in particular with a platform to present their pioneering works to a worldwide academic audience.

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