Recognition of credits and course substitution

The recognition of courses is a process that involves several departments at the University of Vienna. This section provides a guideline as well as the necessary forms you must submit to successfully recognize courses that you have either taken in a different department of the University of Vienna or at a higher education institution as part of an exchange program. The Büro Studienpräses provides all the information concerning credit recognition (in German).

 Step-by-step guideline


1. Before you apply for a recognition
2. Courses and modules eligible for recognition/subtitution
3. Submission of your recognition application
4. Receipt of approval and upload of grades



I am applying to a Non-EU Exchange program, how do I recognize my credits?
Who gives advice on course recognition?
How long does it take until the process is complete?
What documents do I need?
What can be recognized?
When do I need course recognition?