From 1 October 2016, Prof. Dr. Susanne Weigelin-Schwiedrzik and her team are responsible for all study matters concerning approval of credits, substitution of seminars, exchange semester, electronic record of examination ["Prüfungspass"] and so on. Click here to get support from the SPL team. You can contact:

Stefanie Yu, BA MA

Mail: stefanie.yu[at]

Telephone: +43-1-4277-45120

Office hours: Coordinate per email

EcoS staff ecos[at] remains responsible for questions concerning the admission to the EcoS Master Programme.

Welcome Message from the Director of Studies - Department of East Asian Studies

My name is Susanne Weigelin-Schwiedrzik, and I will be responsible for organizing the study program of East Asian Studies for the next two years to come. I will cooperate with Prof. Hein who is responsible for the programs of Japanology and Korean Studies while I will take care of Sinology and EcoS. Let me briefly introduce myself to you.

I have been professor of Sinology in Vienna since the year 2002. Before, I was professor for Modern Sinology at the University of Heidelberg. During the years 2011 to 2015 I was Vice-Rector for Research and Career Development at the University of Vienna and in 2010 Dean of the Faculty for Philological and Cultural Studies. My research is focused on modern and contemporary Chinese history as well as on the analysis of current political developments in the People’s Republic of China. Currently I am working on a book on East Asian history during the 19th and 20th centuries.

Studying East Asian Studies will provide you with a wonderful opportunity to get prepared for a life in our globalized world. Our study programs will help you to accumulate knowledge on East Asia, but what is maybe even more important: it will help you to cope with a world of diversity and to position yourself in this complicated world. This is a key competence you need for your future which you will acquire during the course of your studies by learning more about East Asia. Besides laying the foundations for a deeper understanding of East Asia during your studies at the University of Vienna it is of major importance that you try out your knowledge and understanding during a study abroad period in East Asia. No matter what kind of job you will later on chose for yourself: the experience of having lived in East Asia will be highly appreciated by your future employer and will be a key experience for your life. It will provide you with a myriad of opportunities and make you a more experienced and mature human being. Our course program is designed to help you reach these aims, and we are open to your suggestions and criticism in our attempt to adjust our program to the ever changing needs of an ever changing world. Please regard yourself as an active participant in this endeavour.

Prof. Dr. Susanne Weigelin-Schwiedrzik

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