Steps to Finalise your MA Studies

The formal finalisation of your EcoS graduation might take up to 3 weeks after your defensio. When your documents are ready, you will be contacted by the StudienServiceCenter (SSC) through your University of Vienna (unet) email address.

Please note: All the information was assembled from official documents. They were translated from German into English to the best of knowledge. In case of doubt, the original German document of the responsible academic institution does apply. If you notice any outdated information please inform us at ecos[at]


Step 1: Find a supervisor and discuss your MA topic
Step 2: Register your MA thesis with the SSC
Step 3: Write your MA thesis
Step 4: Submission of your MA Thesis
Step 5: Register for your oral examination
Step 6: Prepare for your oral examination
Step 7: Present your oral examination