Welcome to the New EcoS Students 2019/20

Most EcoS courses will start from the first week in October. Please make sure to finalise the entire registration and enrolment process before the start of the respective semester. Both the EcoS Staff as well as the elected student representatives are happy to help you whenever you have questions on registration, classes or anything else concerning your studies.

 Steps to Start your First Semester


The amount of work involved in the EcoS MA amounts to 120 ECTS credits. This corresponds to an expected period of 4 semesters, with the possibility to extend your studies for 2 more regular semesters.

  • The 120 ECTS are distributed in 5 Modules that you can review here.
  • The current courses available for WS 2019 are here.

You would typically start with language classes. These are very intensive and it is strongly recommended to enrol for only one seminar in the first semester.


Once you have selected the courses you wish to register, make sure to keep in mind:

  • Language courses for level 1 begin during WS the academic year. The work load is heavy, so it is strongly advised to take only one core seminar (M2 / M3) per semester.
  • The amount of ECTS points recommended per semester is 30 (totalling 4 semesters)

You can see the followin link for instructions on how to register for each course.