40th Anniversary of the VIC in 2019 - Youth Conference at the UN in Vienna


To celebrate the Vienna International Centre's 40th anniversary, the independent youth and student association (Academic Forum for Foreign Affairs) organizes an international UN simulation conference for students from Austria and all over the world taking place at the VIC.


In the course of this "Vienna International Model United Nations (VIMUN)" students authentically simulate negotiations of specific committees and organs of the United Nations. Participants choose a country and research their chosen country's position regarding a specific topic. After preparation, they step into the "shoes of diplomats" and represent this country in a committee. They debate, convince, bring forward new solutions and solve a world conflict with their own resolution. The invitation is open to young people from 18 to 35 who might be interested in participating.

Date: 04 - 08 August 2019

Contact information: vimun@afa.at