Bubble Tea Fieldwork in Brno


On October 25th, Martin Mandl joined a group of MA-students from the Department of Chinese Studies at Masaryk University Brno for a field trip to Brno's Bubble Tea shops.

The excursion was part of a course on "fieldwork and interview-based research in Chinese studies", taught by Ute Wallenböck at Masaryk University.

Under Martin's supervision, the students developed a preliminary research question with regards to the operation and reception of bubble tea shops in Brno. The students then tested their initial ideas through participant observations and interviews on the streets of Brno before returning to the class room for further development of their projects. The excursion was also the kick-off for a joint teaching project under the EU's Erasmus Teaching Mobility programme that will culminate in a "student conference" in December.

Ⓒ Adela Liskova