Changes in document requirements to apply to EcoS MA Program


If you are interested in applying to EcoS, please bear in mind that the University of Vienna has updated the list of requirements for applicants.

Starting 2020, applicants must present their academic documents, which are their BA Certificate and their Transcript of Academic Records (consolidated grade record), both officially translated and legalised. Legalisation could be done with Apostille or full legalisation, depending on the country of origin. We invite you to visit the following link to confirm which type of legalisation you require.

The upcoming application period goes from 2 March to 30 April 2020. The Admission Office will not accept academic documents that are not translated and legalised accordingly, thus we encourage applicants to begin this process as early as possible, in order to submit their application on a timely manner. For further questions concerning translation and legalisation of documents, please contact the admission office on the following link.