EcoS Delegation visits Novosibirsk State University & Altai region


Austrian researchers from EcoS and the SINOFON Project at Palacky University Olomouc recently took part in a two day conference on "Current Issues in the Study of Asian Countries" at Novosibirsk State University, Russia.

The conference was jointly organised by the Section of Oriental Studies of NSU together with the Research and Educational Center "Heritage" of NSU. and brought together researchers from across Europe, Central and Eastasia. At the conference, the Austrian delegation (in the picture left to right) presented their research on: "The Qing after the Imperial Turn: Paradigm Shifts and New Frontiers in Global History" (Stephanie Ziehaus, SINOFON Project) "The Sino-US Rivalry in the Indo-Pacific: The Strategic Responses of Great and Middle Powers" (Alfred Gerstl, SINOFON Project) "The Most Delicious Place on Earth: Taiwan's Cuisine in International Relations" (Martin Mandl, EcoS).

The scientific exchange was further complimented by collaboration talks of the Austrian delegation with several other Russian universities and institutions, incl. the Gorno-Altaisk State University, the Altai State University, and the Novosibirsk Chamber of Commerce. The field trip was supported by the Eurasia-Pacific Uninet (EPU), a network aiming at establishing contacts and scientific partnerships between Austrian universities, universities of applied sciences, other research institutions and member institutions in East Asia, Central Asia, South Asia and the Pacific region.

The Altai region for millennia has been a meeting place of cultures from North, East, West, and South. Its geopolitical significance in the relations of East and West is still obvious today, reflected in the "four corner" borders of Russia, Mongolia, China, and Kasachstan in the region.

Left to right: Stephanie Ziehaus, Alfred Gerstl, Martin Mandl.

©Martin Mandl.