New Interviews and Publication by Prof. Frank


Prof. Rüdiger Frank has recently addressed various topics related to North Korea, including the case of Otto Warmbier, the closure of the Kaesong complex and the costs of a potential Korean Unification.

  • In an interview [in German] with "Die Zeit" on the case of Otto Warmbier, a U.S. student who has been convicted to 15 years in a North Korean labor camp [link]
  • Interview of Radio TBS EFM, Seoul [in English], with Prof. Frank on the Kaesong closure, markets in North Korea, and the effect of sanctions. Date: March 15, 2016. You can hear the full interview in the following temporary link. To listen to this programme, you will have to use Internet Explorer with an active Windows Media Player Plugin; Interview starts at 11:00.
  • “The Costs of Korean Unification: Realistic Lessons from the German Case”, in Korea’s Economy, Vol. 20, 2016, pp. 93-100 [link].
  • Abstract: German unification is often used as a preview on what is going to happen in Korea. Such a position is rejected in this article. Not only have the costs of German unification been grossly overestimated or misinterpreted, the costs in the Korean case will in many areas be lower than in Germany, and the benefits of unification will be much bigger, which further decreases the net costs. South Korea will, however, experience problems of a structural nature that have not occurred in Germany. The potential role of external partners for shouldering the costs of unification should also not be underestimated in the Korean case, although it will come at a political price. Finally, a highly speculative but not completely unrealistic scenario of unification is briefly presented that would incur almost no unification costs at all.