PANEL DISCUSSION: The future of nuclear weapons. The U.S. - Russia - North Korea - Iran


In an April 2009 speech in Prague US President Barack Obama spoke of a world free of nuclear weapons.

Obama stated that the United States would maintain nuclear deterrence during the disarmament process “for as long as nuclear weapons exist”. The panel will discuss mutual nuclear deterrence, arms control and will assess why progress in nuclear disarmament since the end of the Cold War has fallen short of expectations.

The panel speakers are:

  • Rüdiger FRANK Head of department of East Asian Studies, University of Vienna
  • Heinz GÄRTNER Academic director of the oiip; Department of Political Science, University of Vienna
  • Siegfried HECKER VCDNP Visiting Distinguished Scholar (on sabbatical from Stanford University)
  • Alexander KMENTT Director for disarmament, arms control & non-proliferation, Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs of Austria

Moderation by Fabio POLLY, journalist at the ORF.

Full Program.