Prof. Rüdiger Frank on Kim Jong-Un and his absence from the public eye


This past week, Prof. Rüdiger Frank was interviewed by diverse media on the different rumours about the North Korean leader.

In the interviews, Prof. Frank discusses North Korea’s leader disappearance for the last two weeks, warning that any speculation about Kim’s absence is premature. You can read and watch the full interviews in the following links:

  • Watson. May 1, 2020: Nordkorea-Experte: "Wenn Kim Jong-un nicht wieder auftaucht, wird die Lage unberechenbar" (in German) link
  • Krone TV. April 30, 2020: Nordkorea-Experte: “Gerüchteküche über Verbleib des Führers brodelt“ (in German) link
  • Handelsblatt. April 28, 2020: “Nordkorea hat keinen Anlass, für uns Klarheit zu schaffen“ (in German) link

Credits: Krone TV