The Likelihood of Economic Reforms in North Korea: A Systematic Approach


In his latest article for Global Asia on the likeliness of economic reforms in North Korea, Prof. Frank argues that the current situation in the DPRK is a crisis, but not an existential one.

He also conteds that KJU responds to this crisis by inward-orientation and a strengthening of state control; that a systematic analysis with the help of the CRE model shows that the elite and the middle class are the most promising targets for impacting the likeliness of economic reform in North Korea.

He reasons that sanctions can actually be useful if they are revised to aim at promoting such reforms; and that we need to focus on making reliable information about the positive effects of reforms, as well as the negative effects of withholding these reforms, available to North Koreans.

To read the full article (in English), you can visit the following link.


EcoS Team