Vienna Journal of East Asian Studies Vol. 12 is already available online


The latest volume of our Vienna Journal of East Asian Studies - VJEAS is now available online.

For this 12th volume, we have a great variety of research articles, including four articles from EcoS’ alumni:

  • Pauline Gschwendtner: Silver Economy Strategies: A Comparative Study of Japanese and South Korean Governmental Measures.
  • Eric Hanada: Trump vs. China? Tariffs under Section 232 of the Trade Expansion Act of 1962 Revisited.
  • Katharina Menz: East Asian Strategies for Combating Income Inequality: A Comparative Analysis of Redistributive Fiscal Policy Efforts in China and Korea
  • Hanna Andrea Sand: Irrigated Agriculture in Malaysia and Vietnam: A Comparative Analysis of Water Governance Strategies

Congratulations to Hanna, Pauline, Katharina and Eric for your new publications. We are proud to have you featuring in our Vienna Journal of East Asian Studies! You can read the full articles in the following link.

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