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Frank RR. Zwei Geschwindigkeiten: Nordkorea im Wandel. In Moeskes C, editor, Nordkorea. Einblicke in ein rätselhaftes Land. Berlin: Ch. Links. 2013. p. 149-156

Gerstl A. Human Security and China´s Rise as Triggers for Regional and Intra-Regional Cooperation in and between Southeast and Northeast Asia. In Thammasat Review: Human Rights. Vol. 15. Bangkok. 2012. p. 131-156. (Thammasat Review).

Frank R, (ed.), Kim HC, (ed.), Park S-H, (ed.). Korea and East Asia in a Changing Regional and Global Environment. Seoul: KIEP, 2012. 225 p.

Frank R, (ed.), Hoare J, (ed.), Pares S, (ed.), Köllner P, (ed.). Korea 2012: Politics, Economy, and Society. Brill, 2012. 275 p.

Showing entries 120 - 140 out of 390