How to cite in your MA Thesis - Writing Workshop from the CTL

Are you struggling with citing, paraphrasing, and using a specific citation style in your MA thesis? If so, we have great news for you!


New Writing Mentoring Sessions for the SS 2023

The Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) of the University of Vienna is once again offering writing mentoring sessions in English to MA students...


The Impact of the Russo-Ukrainian War on Security in East Asia: The Taiwan Strait and Beyond

On behalf of the Austrian Institute for International Affairs – oiip, we cordially invite you to the panel discussion on the impact of the...


The Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) of the University of Vienna is looking for students who would be interested in becoming writing mentors for...


Strategic Gaming WS 2022: A summary

The course "Strategic Gaming: The South China Dipute" recently took place in our Department of East Asian Studies. We would like to share some of the...


Dr. Christopher Green, senior Korean peninsula consultant for the International Crisis Group (ICG) and assistant professor in the Korean Studies...


Lecture invitation: Taiwans Kampf gegen politische Korruption

We would like to extend an invitation to attend the lecture “Taiwans Kampf gegen politische Korruption” (Taiwan’s fight against political corruption)...


VU Strategic Gaming for the WS2022

This winter term, Alfred Gerstl and Martin Mandl offer again the highly popular "Strategic Gaming: The South China Sea":


We want to welcome you all to the new semester with an event where you will be able to interact with other EcoS students, teaching staff and the team...


Important Dates for the Winter Semester 2022

Do not forget the upcoming important deadlines to prepare yourselves for the winter semester 2022!


Hedging Strategies in Southeast Asia: ASEAN, Malaysia, the Philippines, Vietnam and their relations with China.

In this book, the author, Dr. Alfred Gerstl, argues that ASEAN and the three Southeast Asian governments pursue a hedging strategy towards the rising...


East Asian Reactions to Russia’s War in Ukraine: Governmental and Civil Society Responses

For CEIAS Insights, current and former faculty at the Department of East Asian Studies have summarised their key findings from the discussion panel in...


Update: Expected New deadlines for Master Exams/Defenses for winter and summer semesters

Our SPL has informed that, in the process of reviewing the UG (University Law), the so-called “grace period”, used primarily for admission to studies,...


As part of the u:eastasia lectures, the Department of East Asian Studies has organized a discussion panel to analyse the various strategic, economic...


The articles of the special issue of ASIEN highlighting the diversity and interdisciplinarity of the current generation of junior scientists at our...