Diplomacy, negotiations, conflict. The M4 course Strategic Gaming offers a hands-on experience.


Upcoming VU in Summer 2024: Regionalism, Institutions and Transnational Crimes in East Asia

Students interested in Transnational Organized Crime in East Asia can now register to this course with Alejandra Cervantes Nieto.


Invite: EcoS' student roundtable

The team of student representatives has asked us to share an invitation to a roundtable they are organising at one of the restaurants in the AAKH...


Workshop for beginners of Korean language courses WS2022

After hearing that the Korean workshop for beginners will be held in German only, one of EcoS Students, Minne Nakamura, has decided to offer an...


EcoS student representatives invite all students to join them at the AAKH Campus' Christmas Market to enjoy the traditional Weihnachtspunsch


Upcoming Activities for EcoS Students

EcoS Student Representatives have organize two events for November and December, preparing for the upcoming winter festivities.


The new EcoS students for the academic year 2018-19 enjoyed a welcoming lunch offered by the Student Representatives of the Programme.


EcoS’ Student Representatives have organized a lunch to welcome all new students for the winter semester 2018-2019. Join us to know more about how to...


Jörg Thiele, a former EcoS student, is now a Myanmar-based Business Development and Marketing Manager for the German company Jebsen & Jessen Southeast...


Contact Your Student Representatives

In case of questions concerning student life at EcoS and in Vienna, post in the EcoS Student Facebook Group or contact your newly elected student...


Starting on September 2, 2015, your student representatives Anna, Hanna and Daniel will offer consultation hours on Wednesdays, 15:00-17:00 (Sinology...


Julian Stefan, a former EcoS student, is now head of the Mandalay office of the German trade company Jebsen & Jessen Southeast Asia.


Announcing the new Student Representatives

From 19 May to 21 May 2015 the University of Vienna has elected its student representatives. This also gave EcoS students the possibility to vote for...


EcoS Info Meeting + Students Round Table

October 1, 2012, 18:00 at Seminarraum "OAW"


EcoS Info Meeting + Students Round Table (Stammtisch)

October 17, 2011, 18:15 at Seminarraum "Koreanologie". In this meeting the vision, targets and structure of the MA program "East Asian Economy and...